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At Lakshmigraha, we believe in the continuous development and empowerment of our people. Our Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives play a pivotal role in nurturing talent and fostering a culture of growth and excellence. Over the past week, our team has actively participated in a series of insightful sessions and awareness programs covering a wide range of topics, from leadership development to technical skills enhancement.

Gamified Assesment Test

- 15.07.2023


Evaluates Competencies in relation to current role & responsibility. The adaptability, learning agility, empathy, Collaboration, Interpersonal effectiveness, Assertiveness, Self Resilience, Self Confiedence, Achievement Orientation, Accountability, Problemsolving and Process Orienation were evaluated


The employees' evaluations from the gamified assessment test helped us identify skill sets, conduct competency mapping, and create a roadmap for the training program.

Customer Service - Perseverance, Self Confiedence

- 29.07.2023


To maintain a customer-centric approach, it's essential to communicate politely with customers and clients, always addressing their queries without reacting defensively. The focus should be on using positive language to create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.


The session laid the groundwork for employees to understand the significance of perseverance and self-confidence in customer service. The practical impact of this learning is evident in how they interact with clients and customers.

Business Communication -  Verbal & Team (Interpersonal)

- 12.08.2023


Employees were asked to identify the five key people they communicate with most frequently and to evaluate whether their communication with them has improved since the last training. Additionally, they learned about Psychological Mind Mapping and were tasked with creating their own, comparing their skills and levels to those of their role models. The coaching segment focused on team communication, emphasizing how the team leader engages with the team and encouraging team members to interact effectively with each other.


Employees grasped the importance of tone and active listening in team communication.

Business Communication - Crisis & Remote



The session focused on exploring crisis solutions from different perspectives, encouraging team members to share their ideas for problem-solving. A paper cup task was conducted to gauge the team's risk appetite and practice risk management. Additionally, role play was used to promote effective teamwork, with each member clearly understanding and adhering to their responsibilities.


The session covered the 4C's of Crisis Management—Risk, Recognize, Response, and Result. It also introduced Root Cause Analysis and outlined the importance of establishing a crisis team in each department, with quarterly crisis meetings.

Business Communication - Written Business



The storybook task was designed to illustrate the importance of clear and concise communication, demonstrate defensive communication roles, and explain the 7C's of effective email drafting.


Employees effectively applied their learnings by incorporating report content guidelines and using proofreading techniques.

Leadership Communication (Networking)



The session explained the steps in networking, outlined various types of networking, and introduced the concept of speed networking.


The employees gained an understanding of networking and its importance for business effectiveness.

Leadership Communication (Self confidence)



The session covered the key components of leadership, emphasizing the need for leaders to maintain balance in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Employees were introduced to a different perspective on the role of a leader

Session On Leadership Communication - Assertiveness



The SCARF model of assertiveness, which includes Status, Certainty, Attorney, Relatability, and Fineness, along with the 3C's of Assertiveness—Confident, Clear, and Communication—were explained in the session.


The importance of assertiveness in an organization has been established, and ways to effectively develop this skill are now understood.

Session on Storytelling with Data - Creativity & Innovation



Discussed the 5C's of storytelling—Circumstance, Curiosity, Characters, Conversations, and Conflict—as well as the 4P's: People, Purpose, Place, and Plot. Additionally, we explored various storytelling methods, including the ABT method, Sparkline method, and 3-Act Structure method.


The team was assigned a storyboard project for the year 2023-2024, and each employee completed their task using one of the storytelling methods. The work clearly demonstrated the knowledge they gained from the training session.

Reinforcement Sessions


The employees were given a task designed to help them recall their training and apply the skills in their weekly assignments. The objective of the task was to encourage the practical application of what they had learned.


Group Discussions - To boost self-confidence and improve verbal communication, employees were initially encouraged to discuss topics of personal interest. Over time, their focus shifted to health and well-being, the latest market trends, the use of AI tools, and other subjects. This approach provided a wide range of options for everyone.

60 Days Challenge -  Fitness and wellbeing of the employees is very important keeping that in mind a challenge was initiated giving the task of completing the 6k steps per day as a task. The employees were encouraged to post their daily steps in their respective whatsapp group. Along with the fitness challenge the following tasks focusing on the OKR (Objective Key Result) were given to the team.  

They are as follows

  1. Self SWOT Analysis
  2. Letter of Gratitude 
  3. Blogging
  4. Storyboard for the year 2023 - 2024
  5. Ikigai 
  6. Case study on Communication 
  7. Write up about 60 Days Challenge

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